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Program Information

People have always been in pursuit of better and more efficient ways of doing things. Today we have more and more demands to meet at work and at home than any other time in history – tighter deadlines, more work, juggling priorities and so on!

Do you feel you can be more time effective but you are not sure how? Are the time management systems you have learned too complicated or time-consuming? If you answered “Yes” then your current time management systems are failing you.

This workshop will help you in learning about the most important elements in organizing the available time and utilizing it most efficiently both at work and at home, the skills to organize your activities and convert your plans into achievements. It will help you to simplify your life, yet be more productive and content with what you do.

Program Methodology

The methodology used is designed to encourage maximum participation by all delegates. The presenter will suggest ideas and theories to the delegates and then encourage them to test out the ideas by the use of discussion, small group work, exercises and feedback. Each day of the seminar will end by delegates completing their own record of what has been learned on the day and considering how the ideas might be transferred back to the workplace.

Program Objectives

The program will help you to:

  • Organize your life and be more productive
  • Achieve more in lesser time
  • Increase your motivation to achieve the most out of life
  • Make more time for the things you want to do
  • Set concrete goals and then achieve them
  • Improve your self-confidence

Organizational Impact

  • Are more focused on results not just on staying busy
  • Concentrate and focus better on the assigned jobs
  • Are more organized at work
  • Can manage the allotted time more efficiently
  • Can set tangible and concrete goals for their work and then achieve them

Personal Impact

  • Have more sense of control over your life both at work and t home
  • Improve your overall performance in life
  • Suffer less from stress and anxiety
  • Perform better in the available time
  • Be happier and more satisfied with life
  • Have enough time to HAVE MORE FUN!


Target Audience

Anyone who wants to wants to have a more organized, productive and satisfying professional and personal life.

Target Competencies

Core Concepts covered in this program are:

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Prioritizing Your Time
  • Planning Wisely
  • Tackling Procrastination
  • Crisis Management
  • Organizing Your Workspace
  • Delegating Made Easy

Registration Information

Program Dates: 07 – 11 October 2019

Registration Closes on: 31 August 2019

Program Fee: $2550

Fee Covers:

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