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Course Description

This course is designed to develop individuals’ understanding of what monitoring and evaluation entails, why it is so vital, and how to do it well and in a participatory way. This course ensures that those who are new to this field have a thorough understanding of monitoring and evaluation concepts and have built up the practical skills and the confidence needed to do monitoring and evaluation effectively. Participants will learn to use a range of monitoring and evaluation tools and activities that will help them improve accountability, learning and effectiveness of projects and programs.

Course Objectives
  • Defining the main terms and concepts associated with the processes of monitoring and evaluation
  • Articulating the key purposes of monitoring and evaluation
  • Being able to prioritize according to the context
  • Selecting and use a range of monitoring and evaluation tools with confidence
  • Learning information qualitative and quantitative gathering techniques
  • Applying results of monitoring and evaluation processes to both accountability and organizational learning
Who Should Attend?
  • Project Supervisors
  • Project and Program Directors
  • Managers
  • Executive Managers
  • Anyone planning to become more effective in monitoring and evaluating projects
Course Schedule
Day 1
  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Success mapping and goal setting
  • Performance review tools
  • Challenge your strategy and get feedback
  • Introduction and Overview to Monitoring & Evaluation (M & E)
  • Results- based management (RBM)
Day 2
  • M&E and the project/program lifecycle
  • What is monitoring? What is evaluation?
  • Baseline and end- line studies
  • Comparing monitoring, evaluation, reviews and audits
  • M&E standards and ethics
  • Minimize bias and error
  • What is an effective M&E approach?
Day 3
  • Introduction to the 6 steps for project and program M&E
  • Identify the purpose and scope of the M&E system
  • Identify key stakeholder informational needs and expectations
  • Identify M&E requirements
  • Plan for data collection and management
Day 4
  • Data gathering techniques (qualitative and quantitate)
  • Determine sampling requirements
  • Establish stakeholder complaints and feedback mechanisms
  • Use indicator tracking tables
  • Plan for data analysis, reporting and utilization
Day 5
  • Plan for M&E HR and capacity building
  • Determine the extent of local and external participation
  • Define the roles and responsibilities
  • Prepare the M&E budget and itemize its needs
  • Determine M&E costs and budget requirements
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Program Dates: 23 – 27 September 2019

Registration Closes on: 31 July 2019

Program Fee: $3450

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