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Sustainable Communities and Citizen Engagement Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda

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Program Introduction

The development of sustainable communities and citizens engaged has become a mainstay of government policy, and yet many people remain unsure of what they are or how to achieve them. This course enables participants to investigate, examine, analyse and understand the theory and delivery of sustainable communities and related policies. It addresses the key components of a sustainable community and citizens engagement.

Program Objectives

  • Understanding the importance of engaging citizens in the governance process
  • Understanding the Governance-well-run communities with effective and inclusive participation
  • Learning how to make the public, private and community and voluntary services
  • Learning some of the tips and tools and other resources for recruiting citizens
  • Learning the productive conversations, and encouraging citizens to be involved in local problem solving

Program Attendees

  • Elected officials
  • City/county staff
  • Economic development and planning staff
  • Community and neighborhood leaders
  • Other stakeholders

Program Outline

Day 1

  • Planning for sustainability
  • Society, space and planning
  • Practice-based module: sustainable communities
  • Politics, decision-making and democracy
  • Introduction to political theory
  • Social and political problems
  • Issues in contemporary sociology
  • Criminal justice politics and social policy
Day 2

  • Planning, transport and mobility
  • The environment, sustainability and politics
  • Social theory and modernity
  • Housing development
  • Regeneration and local planning
  • Crime, disorder and community safety
  • Making identities: citizenship, race and nation
  • Gender difference and equality: historical and contemporary
Day 3

  • Youth crime and delinquency
  • Neighbourhood management and renewal
  • Planning specialist project
  • Managing the new housing
  • Crime criminology and modernity
  • Gender crime and justice
Day 4

  • Hierarchies of power: race, class and sexuality
  • Being involved in public conversations as a citizen
  • How to get this involvement work
  • What citizen engement means
  • The possible reasons for being apprehensive about citizen engagement
Day 5

  • What citizens, elected officials, and planners can offer
  • The roles each group can best play
  • How to use citizen engagement in this case
  • Issue in a community might be best addressed
  • The next steps that might be taken

Registration Information

Program Dates: 22-26 October 2018

Registration Closes on: 30 September 2018


Program Fee: $2350

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