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Program Introduction

A well-functioning, independent, and objective internal audit function should nowadays be regarded as a managerial tool which adds value. It should not be regarded simply as a tool for assessing and improving internal control, risk management, and governance processes. Experience and progress of countries in implementing internal audit show that internal audit function should be strengthened. This is possible if internal audit establishes a good relationship with management and if they act as active consultants that contribute to a greater value of public institutions. In this context, internal auditors have to be empowered with knowledge on how and when to make an impact.

Program Contents

The workshop addresses the following topics:


  • How, as an internal auditor, you can make an impact in your organization in terms of adding value
  • What it takes for internal audit to become a management tool
  • How to be a cooperative, constructive partner to (top) management
  • Maintaining good relationship with management during the entire audit process
  • How to promote the internal function within your organization towards management (public relations)

Program Outcome

By the end of the training the participants will reach the following learning objectives:


  • Gain a good understanding of internal audit function, its main principles, and preconditions for good cooperation with management
  • Be able to describe the meaning of adding value to strengthen internal audit function in the public sector organization
  • Be able to identify mechanisms for cooperating with management
  • Be able to explain how to communicate audit findings and final report
  • Be able to describe best practice of the cooperation between management and internal auditor
  • Gain from peer-to-peer learning and improve relationships with other internal auditors

Program Attendees

The workshop is primarily designed for audit managers and senior or experienced internal auditors from ministries and other public bodies, heads of units, controllers, advisers, managers, officers, and other audit experts and professionals interested in the topic.

Registration Information

Program Dates: 17-21 June 2019

Registration Closes on: 15 May 2019

Program Fee: $2850

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