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The countries improve public financial management systems as they are important for democratic governance, macroeconomic stability, effective use of resources available and poverty reduction. Public Financial Management is an essential part of the development process. Sound PFM supports aggregate control, prioritization, accountability, and efficiency in the management of public resources and delivery of services, which are critical to the achievement of public policy objectives. This program provides the necessary context to foster efficient and effective tax systems, results-driven budgeting, transparent and accountable public expenditure management, and robust macro-fiscal planning, optimizing public sector performance and contributing to broad-based, sustainable economic growth.



  • Introduction and Foundations of Public Finance
  • Government Funds & Role of profits
  • Capital Budgets & Operating Budgets
  • Time Value of Money & Its importance
  • Debt Vs Capital Financing
  • Asset Management
  • Detection of Budgetary Variances
  • Fiscal Control and its implementation
  • Local Government Financial Reporting
  • Types of Financial reports and their Analysis
  • Describing how government is different from other public organizations, financially
  • Financial analysis using the balance sheet, income, and other financial statements
  • Long-term funding Strategy for the organization
  • Nonprofit Annual Report
  • Different types of financial analysis (with public sector focused)
  • Financial evaluation techniques
  • Developing financial sustainability; effective resource development and management.
  • Improving financial risk management
  • Long term financial planning; developing a reserve fund
  • Dealing with an audit
  • Developing and implementing effective financial controls
  • How to interpret information in basic forms and reports
  • How to notice trends and negative indicators & the actions to counteract

By the end of the program the participants will be able to:


  • Understand different types of financial analysis & financial evaluation methods used to support submissions for new initiatives
  • Implement a financial management plan for an organization or agency
  • Create a set of financial controls for accountability
  • Link the financial management structure to the strategic plan
  • Predict long term revenue and expense requirements
  • Evaluate the finances of organizations, teams, projects and specific initiatives
  • Conduct sophisticated financial analysis and evaluations that shall contribute to improved organizational decision making

Program Dates: 23 – 27 December 2019

Registration Deadline: 30 September 2019

Program Fee: $2950

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