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Risalat Consultants International (RCI) is a world-class consulting firm which delivers talent solutions that lead to results. It enables its clients to input their organizational strategic direction into the design thus delivering a customized solution to fit the client’s specifications. Risalat delivers its solutions while taking advantage of a network of a very experienced pool of trainers and subject matter experts who work in collaboration to provide our clients with a global best practice approach benchmarked against the top in class.

We understand that the rapidly growing and flourishing business environment in the world calls for concrete and long-lasting measures on the part of every player in every industry. International experts at Risalat make sure the services provided are according to international standards yet fully compatible with the local business needs and requirements. We make sure our services meet the specific needs of our clients and are designed to help in their growth and sustainability in the years to come.

We help you transform your business practices so that they respond quickly to the ever-changing levels of competition, customer expectations and market demands. This means rethinking how processes, people and information can be integrated across your organization.