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Workshop & Study Tour for Public Health Professionals in Taipei, Taiwan

The Tour Overview
This 10 days’ tour will cover the fundamental concepts of collaborative leadership and clarify the multiple layers of influence that impact health. Participants will receive an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to effectively guide diverse groups of people to find solutions to complex problems that affect them all. Collaborative leadership is an evidence-based field that has proven particularly effective in public health planning where multiple stakeholders have an interest. Tour topics include the nature of successful collaboration, characteristics of a collaborative leader and a discussion of the collaborative leadership practices. An overview of a multiple-sector approach to public health provides a context for collaborative leadership discussions.
Target Audience
This tour is focused on increasing collaborative leadership capacity across all health sectors and at all levels of public health practice and Public health professionals & related members.
Program Objectives
By the end of the tour, participants will be able to:
  • Determine when and when not to use collaboration
  • Compare five levels of relationships: networking, coordinating, cooperating, collaborating, and competing on health sectors
  • Identify three reasons people and organizations collaborate
  • Identify the challenges of collaborative leadership in public health
  • Explain the context for collaboration in health systems
  • Define the nature of successful collaboration on public health projects
  • Nature of collaborative leadership in health organizations
  • Compare healthcare leadership styles
  • Differentiate between common leadership and leading health projects/organizations
  • Define the six practices of collaborative leadership
  • Identify different ways to build collaborative leadership skills in health sectors
Tour Elements
The combination of incorporating narrated presentations, interactive activities, Virtual clinical activities, hospital & health project visits, self-assessment exercises, multi-media case studies drawn from public health, Taiwan Cultural & Entertainment gatherings.
Registration Information
Program Dates: 15 – 24 July 2019 Registration Closes on: 30 May 2019
Program Fee: $3950 Fee Covers:
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