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Municipal Development Program in Nicosia, Cyprus

Program Description

The Municipal Development Program will equip you with the necessary working knowledge to carry out your responsibilities effectively in pursuit of the vision and mission of the municipal council. After completion, you will have a working knowledge and understanding of the major managerial and financial management issues and be able to make a meaningful contribution towards the introduction and implementation of the policies applicable to the council and the use of professional practices.

In this course you will gain the knowledge of operations and functions of municipal development including policy making, committee structures and processes, and budget processes. This course is designed to provide participants with a specialization in municipal leadership and administrative services. In addition to public policy making and effective service delivery, the program focuses on accounting and financial management, human resource management, community development, and social, cultural and political issues.

Program Objectives

  • Expanding access to basic municipal services
  • Strengthening finance management in municipalities
  • Applying accounting and financial knowledge to the operation of organizations
  • Developing and implementing a clear and inspiring vision for municipalities

Who Should Attend?

  • Municipal managers and officers
  • Local government officials
  • Project and Programme Managers
  • Project and Programme Officers

Program Schedule

Day 1
  • Development of institutional capacity
  • Developing municipal vision
  • Operationalising the vision
Day 2
  • Leadership benchmark
  • Managing people
  • Managing money
Day 3
  • Preparation of feasibility and detailed studies
  • Stakeholder involvement and management
  • Effective management
Day 4
  • Organizational and Human Resource development
  • Effective financial management systems
  • Investment planning, budgeting, and execution for better service delivery
Day 5
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Balanced scorecard and performance-based management
  • Technical studies and support
Day 6
  • Expanding resource base beyond transfers
  • Awareness raising
  • Public relations work and participation
Day 7
  • Project planning, management support and capacity building
  • Project management costs including operating costs
  • Preparation of detailed design for upgrading
Day 8
  • Drainage plans
  • Solid waste management
  • Emergency support to the sanitation department
Day 9
  • Asset management study
  • Establishment of an asset management system
  • Settlement projects and landscape
  • Lands upgrading
Day 10
  • Using technology to enhance municipal services
  • Computerization of management systems

Registration Information

Program Dates: 21-30 June 2019

Registration Closes on: 30 April 2019

Program Fee: $3950

Fee Covers:

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