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Financial Management & Disbursement for World Bank Projects Workshop in Dubai, UAE

Program Contents
  • World bank Project cycle and Project documentation
  • World bank project financial Management Guidelines and borrower responsibilities
  • Project Interim Financial Reporting and its Cycle
  • Internal control
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Project Accounting system
  • IFRS and its characteristics
  • Annual Financial reporting
  • Internal Audit control & Arrangements
  • Skills on project Financial Management system
  • Disbursement policies and procedures statement of Expenditure
  • IFRS- Based disbursement
  • Legal issues during loan duration
  • Inventory, depreciation, capitalized interest
  • Minority interests and consolidation
  • Exceptional and material items
  • A detailed review of the balance sheet including the explanation of all significant accounting terminology
  • Understanding the fixed assets note
  • Accounting goodwill – what is it?
  • Liabilities, pension fund accounting
  • Debt and other liabilities like debt
  • Deferred tax, contingent liabilities
  • Overview of the International Accounting Standards Board
  • The implications of the IAS Initiative
  • Review of new standards produced in the last five years
  • Present and future values
  • Perpetuities and annuities
  • Introduction to project analysis
  • Identifying the key risk areas
  • The essential aspects of the management task
  • The issue of spreadsheet risk
  • Overview of the forecasting process
  • The relationship between organization risk and financial risk
  • Identifying appropriate funding structures
  • Recognizing the drivers of funding strategies

Program Dates: 27-30 April 2019

Registration Deadline: 25 March 2018

Program Fee: $2650

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