May 2018
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Trainings, Workshops, Programs
  1. Advanced Strategic Planning Workshop in Dubai, UAE
  2. QGIS Program in Dushanbe, TajikistanProfessional Report Writing Workshop for SIKA-West, in Herat, Afghanistan
  3. Training Workshop on HR Management conducted in Kabul, Afghanistan
  4. Conducted HRM workshop for TGK in Kabul, Afghanistan
  5. Effective Communication Workshop held in Kabul, Afghanistan
  6. Program on Project Management in Kabul, Afghanistan
  7. Training on Professional Report Writing in Kabul, Afghanistan
  8. Monitoring & Evaluation workshop in Kabul for Asia Foundation and Handicap International Teams
  9. HRM Training Program Kabul, Afghanistan
  10. Business Management Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand
  11. Business Leadership Workshop in Dubai, UAE
  12. Strategic HR Management Training Workshop in Goa, India
  13. Finance & Procurement Management Workshop 26-30 May, 2014  in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  14. Training Workshop on Supervision, Monitoring & Evaluation in Afghanistan
  15. Financial Management Workshop in Dubai, UAE
  16. Project Proposal Writing Training Workshop in Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  17. Strategic HR Management Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand
  18. International Procurement Management Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand
  19. Strategic Planning – Demo Workshop in Kabul, Afghanistan
  20. Training Workshop on Advocacy for Education – SCA Kabul, Afghanistan
  21. General Management Workshop in Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  22. Workshop on Dynamics of Leadership in Skopje, Macedonia
  23. Communication & Fundraising Training SCA – Kabul, Afghanistan
  24. Training Workshop on Project Cycle Management and Results Based Management in Kabul, Afghanistan
  25. Project Management Workshops for Cetena Group team Kabul, Afghanistan
  26. Effective Leadership & People Management Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey over November, 2013
  27. Project Cycle Management Workshop for BBC/AEPO in Kabul, Afghanistan
  28. Training Workshop on Project Cycle Management in Dubai, UAE.
  29. Project Cycle Management Workshop for Save the Children in Uruzgan, Afghanistan
  30. Hospital Management Workshop in Paris, France over February, 2013
  31. Training Workshop on Leadership, Project Management & HRM in Uruzgan, Afghanistan for Save the Children
  32. Marketing Management Workshop for TKG/DHSA Kabul, Afghanistan
  33. Sustainable Management of Common Property Resources Workshop
  34. Attitude Building, Success Orientation & Leadership Workshop
  35. Fraud Investigation, Detection and Prevention Workshop for UNDP in Singapore
  36. Gender Mainstreaming Workshop for NRAP/MRRD Afghanistan in Dubai
  37. Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning Process Workshop for Save the Children International in Colombo, Sri Lanka